Annam Sona Masoori Rice


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The love affair between India and it’s favorite food rice dates back to the 18th century. The country was reeling under a severe crisis because of repeated famines and the British wanted new food plants to ward off starvation.

Along with wheat and ragi, a rice diet met the approval of the British and was introduced after some critical analysis. Ever since there has been no looking back and rice has secretly consolidated it’s place in our meals.

With numerous varieties of rice to choose from, Sona Masoori has gained immense popularity because of its premium quality.
Sona Masoori is a high-yielding unpolished medium-grain rice cultivated mainly in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. It is the hybrid of two rice species- Sona and Masoori. Both species of rice- Sona and Masoori, are quite popular in India, but Sona Masoori rice combines the optimal features of both varieties.

Lightweight, fluffy and aromatic, Sona Masoori rice is packed with many nutrients and is very popular in South Indian dishes.

The brown variety of Sona Masoori with a rich fiber bran coating is more nutritious and healthier than the white variety.

Health benefits of eating Sona Masoori rice

  • It has a lower calorie count than the standard long-grain or Basmati rice. If you are cutting down on calories and carbohydrates, then Sona Masoori rice is the best option for you.
  • It is easily digestible and good for weight loss.
  • Sona Masoori has a glycemic index of 51. Foods with a low glycemic index are known to lower blood glucose levels and good for diabetics.
  • Sona Masoori is low on starch and is easier to cook.

How to cook Sona Masoori

  • Take one cup of rice in a large skillet/pot. Rinse 2-3 times to remove starch.
  • Add 2 ½ cups of water. Let it rest for 15 minutes.
  • Put the skillet on the gas stove. Cover the skillet, bring the mixture to boil, stirring occasionally.
  • Let the rice cook for 15 minutes (till the water gets absorbed), on medium flame.

Note: You can even add 1/3 tsp. of salt and 1 tbsp. butter/ghee for an exotic aroma. Add salt along with water and rice and bring to boil. Add butter/ghee to rice, 3-4 minutes before putting off the gas stove.

Recipes with Sona Masoori
Sona Masoori Rice is excellent for stir-fries and for recipes that call for some stickiness. Some recipes that go well with Sona Masoori are-

  • Indian-style Sona Masoori rice

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